Links - A good place to search for low carbohydrate or low fat recipes. - American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS) - Affiliated website of Beyond Change, a monthly publication which informs, educates, supports, and encourages individuals in weight management programs, or those considering weight loss surgery. - An alternative place for medical ID bracelets, of which a portion of the cost benefits diabetes research. - Information for the medic-alert: ROUX-EN-Y GASTRIC BYPASS DO NOT BLINDLY PLACE N/G TUBE USE ENDOSCOPY - Carol Signore's website. My Self Design is a 16-week program of individual cognitive behavioral therapy for people undergoing bariatric surgery. - An over 30,000 member organization for individuals who have had, or are considering, weight loss surgery. The website is complete with message boards, chat room, member profiles, etc. - A source for essential post-surgical vitamin supplements. - A small company dedicated to helping obesity patients remain nutritionally balanced and healthy for life. - Information about the ASBS fundraiser.