Pediatric Sleep Care at Reading Health System

Pediatric Sleep Care

Sleep problems are one of the most common issues parents face with their kids. If your child has trouble sleeping, you may wonder if the cause is simply bad sleep habits or if it could be a sign of a more serious medical condition.

Actual sleep disorders are rare in children, but if your child shows any of the following symptoms or behaviors, let your child’s doctor know:

  • Has episodes of snoring, gasping, and/or choking during sleep
  • Breathes through the mouth most of the time
  • Seems increasingly sleepy during the day
  • Displays significant behavioral changes, including attention disorders
  • Has nightmares, night terrors, or sleep walks/talks
  • Encounters bed wetting or other unusual events during sleep


Your child’s doctor may recommend an overnight sleep study. There is no longer a need for families to travel outside the region for specialty diagnostic sleep tests and a customized treatment plan. Reading Hospital Sleep Center provides expert pediatric sleep care close to home.

Reading Hospital Sleep Center, in collaboration with dedicated pediatric sleep specialists from world-renowned St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, provides the medical expertise, advanced technology, pediatric support, and a family focused environment to help determine the cause your child’s sleep issues. We work closely with your child's doctor to help provide our young patients with a personalized plan of care.