Discharge Planning

After their procedures, many orthopedic patients are able to return home with instructions for activity and follow-up appointments. We also address pain management prior to discharge. If you require physical therapy, it will take place in an outpatient setting or through home health services.

Procedures such as hip and knee replacements, as well as hip fractures, generally require an inpatient stay of three to five days. Therapy begins in the hospital the day after surgery.

Discharge varies depending on the home situation as well as the progress of therapy. Many patients are able to go home with a plan for outpatient or home health services. Others may choose facilities such as our Rehabilitation Center. Most patients approved for this level of care are transferred by the third day after surgery.

An orthopedic nurse case manager will work with you to arrange the most appropriate plan and will obtain the necessary authorizations from the insurance companies. Social workers are also available to work with families and patients.

For more information, contact the Care Management Department at 484-628-8689.