Employment-Related Healthcare

Occupational Health offers healthcare services to help employers meet federal or state regulations or comply with corporate policies. Services include:

  • Pre-placement physical examinations
  • Surveillance and OSHA-mandated examinations and evaluations – lead, asbestos, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Medical Examiner’s Certificate examinations for truck and school bus drivers
  • Medical clearance for respirator use and qualitative fit testing
  • Full-service respiratory protection services (clearance for testing)
  • Tuberculosis surveillance
  • Examinations for fitness for duty
  • Audiometric tests and training, and evaluations of abnormal results
  • Vaccination service
  • Substance abuse testing, urine drug and breath alcohol, conducted by certified technicians
    • available for reasonable cause and post-accident purposes in the Emergency Department when Occupational Health is not open;
    • All send out urine drug testing conducted at SAMHSA certified laboratories
    • Certified Medical Review Officer services for urine drug tests
  • Health promotions, education, and immunizations – including flu vaccinations at the worksite
  • DOT – Certified Driver Medical Examiners (CDME)
  • Pennsylvania School bus driver exams
  • Fit for duty (FFD)/Return to work (RTW) exams
  • Consultations for environmental exposures (lead, arsenic, air quality)

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