Interventional Radiology

Welcome to Interventional Radiology (IR), where we diagnose and treat a variety of diseases using minimally invasive techniques. Our nonsurgical treatment options are suitable for many conditions that previously would have required traditional surgery.

This advanced medical specialty allows our skilled radiologists to enter the body through a small nick in the skin. Then, guided by sophisticated imaging technology, the doctors gain access to the treatment site through the blood vessels. General anesthesia is usually not required. Recovery time is minimal, and most procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. If you require surgery, you may be a candidate for one of these procedures.

Our board-certified IR physicians have years of distinguished surgical and diagnostic expertise and perform more than 6,800 procedures a year. Together with a highly skilled team of physician assistants, technologists, nurses and support staff, they use advanced radiology equipment to offer superb, compassionate care.

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