Conditions & Treatments

diabetes consultationDiabetes is a complex disease that requires complex treatment. Beyond medical management of blood sugars, the Diabetes Center offers a complete menu of services to anyone with diabetes. Individual education and counseling are crucial for many diabetics, who may need help learning to make decisions about their care, check blood sugars, take medication, or lose weight.

We offer the following services:

  • Diabetes medical care, including a comprehensive history and physical, and an individualized treatment plan
  • Changes in medicine as needed to improve blood sugars
  • Training in monitoring blood glucose
  • Insulin pump evaluation, training, and management
  • Hemoglobin A1C, blood glucose, and urine protein testing on premises
  • Insulin starts and training in insulin use
  • Group and individual diabetes education recognized by the American Diabetes Association
  • Individual meal planning
  • New therapies like continuous glucose monitoring that can look at all blood sugars for 72 hours

For more information, call 484-628-4270 or contact us at:

Endocrinology and Diabetes Center 
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