Radiation Therapy

The McGlinn Family Regional Cancer Center provides a complete range of treatment options for patients with most types of cancer.

  • Radiation Therapy
    • Linear Accelerators are sophisticated devices capable of producing multiple types of x-ray energies, used to attack a variety of cancers throughout the body.
    • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is an advanced mode of high-precision radiotherapy that utilizes computer-controlled x-ray accelerators to deliver precise radiation doses to a malignant tumor or specific areas within the tumor.
    • Mammosite® is a method of partial breast irradiation that works by delivering radiation from inside the breast directly to the tissue where cancer is most likely to recur. Radiation therapy with MammoSite can be completed in 5 days.
    • Prostate Seed Implants (Brachytherapy) This treatment uses a high dose of radiation that is given inside the body as close to the cancer as possible. The radiation treatment may be swallowed, injected, or implanted directly into the tumor. Some of the radioactive implants are called “seeds” or “capsules”.
    • Image Guided Radiation Therapy and Stereotactic Radiosurgery are now available using the Trilogy™ System at the Institute for Radiosurgery. The Trilogy™ System uses computer-guided imaging to pinpoint and treat tumors with incredible precision.
    • Gliasite® is designed for the treatment of newly diagnosed, metastatic, and recurrent brain tumors by delivering radiation from within the cavity created by the surgical removal of the tumor.
  • Chemotherapy is the use of anticancer drugs to treat cancerous cells. Chemotherapy has been used for many years and is one of the most common treatments for cancer.
  • Hormonal Therapy may involve taking medications that interfere with the activity of the hormone or stop the production of the hormones. Hormone therapy may involve surgically removing a gland that is producing the hormones.