Post Acceptance Requirements

Final acceptance (regardless of confirmation status/w required fee) is contingent upon completing all post-acceptance requirements and forwarding all paperwork included in the accepted student packet.

Admitted students will be expected to comply with all post acceptance requirement deadlines.

It is advisable that applicants contact the School at 484-628-0100 with any questions regarding the following requirements, including positive background checks before confirming the offer of admission.

Confirmation of Enrollment

You will have two weeks from the date of the acceptance letter to confirm our offer of admission. Complete, sign and date the confirmation of enrollment form and submit a copy of the form along with a $300 non-refundable fee.

Background Checks

Admitted students will need to complete background checks as part of post-acceptance procedures. Results will be reviewed and approved for final acceptance into the School. Students are responsible for purchasing the background checks as instructed by the Office of Admissions. Instructions about completing background checks will be included in the accepted student packet.

It is advisable that applicants contact the School with any questions regarding positive results prior to confirming the offer of acceptance with a non-refundable fee. Admission is not a guarantee for individuals with positive results.

Health Evaluations

Student health forms will be included in the accepted student packet. Students will need to be evaluated by their personal healthcare providers and return all completed health forms and lab work by established deadline. Please review the student health services policy.

If you have questions pertaining to the health forms and evaluations, please contact the Student Health Office at 484-628-8499.

Health Insurance

Students must carry valid health insurance while enrolled in the School. The School does not provide health insurance but can offer resources to applicants who need to secure coverage.


Students are required to complete CPR for clinical experiences and submit a copy of their card prior to enrollment and ongoing as renewal occurs. We strongly recommend that you complete the required CPR course carrying TWO-YEAR certification.

The only acceptable CPR cards are:

  • The American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider (BLS for Healthcare Provider)
  • American Red Cross Professional Rescuer (ARC Professional Rescuer)

It is advisable that students complete CPR in the summer months leading up to fall clinical for new students and renew CPR one semester prior to the expiration date for returning students. After matriculation, students are expected to maintain CPR certification. Expired CPR may prevent a student from receiving a grade report, attending clinical, meeting course objectives, and passing a clinical course.

To register for CPR through Reading Hospital , please contact:

Kristin Miller, RN
Reading Hospital CPR Program Coordinator

Official Transcripts and Transfer Courses

Prior to matriculation, students must complete their file with all finalized high school and post-secondary transcripts. All students will be automatically registered for courses related to their program of study unless credit has been formally issued based upon an official transcript and evaluations thereafter.

We strongly recommend applicants seek guidance on the transfer credit policy and issues that may arise with financial aid, insurance, and curriculum placement as a result of transferring in coursework without advance notice or approval from admissions.