What Our Residents are Saying

Resident Arzomand(1)Humaira Arzomand, MD, Family Medicine

I am from NY, but the reason I chose Reading Hospital was because of the cordial environment and relaxed life style that it offered the interns and residents. I was also impressed by the atmosphere of collegiality and the help provided by the staff and administration. The quality of care provided to the patients and their families are amazing. The learning curve here is so steep and so great, that every time you walk out of this building you’ve learned something new. There is not a wasted day.

Resident Campa

Rick Campa, MD, Family Medicine

A California boy at heart, I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Malibu, CA. Undergrad was spent at Occidental College, whose claim to fame is that President Obama was there for a semester. While I do miss the beach, I went to Temple for medical school so I could experience the other side of the country. In Family Medicine, I have exposure to all aspects medicine and unlimited opportunities to learn and improve the way I care for patients. I have a background in technology, and Family Medicine allows me to pursue further experience in bioinformatics and the way technology is changing medicine. I chose Reading because I already knew how great the experience was from talking with previous Temple grads. I feel a great sense of cohesion and the feeling that someone will always be there to back me up. The education is great, and the people are better. For a small town, there are many things that keep me occupied. Philadelphia and New York City are within driving distance, and there are plenty of sporting events nearby. Even being far from the beach, I've still had the chance to go SCUBA diving at a nearby lake.

resident mcbrideSean Connors-McBride, DO, Family Medicine

Born in Philadelphia, I graduated from LaSalle University and PCOM. In addition to being a huge Phillies fan, I like to swim and play basketball. While rotating at Reading as a medical student, I got to know and love the residents. I’m interested in sports medicine, and this residency has a great sports medicine experience.

Resident DanhashMaher Danhash, MD, Family Medicine

Born in Homs, Syria, I graduated from the University of Aleppo in Syria. My wife and three children love Reading because it has a lot of places to enjoy.


resident Ekmark(1)Dave Ekmark, MD, Family Medicine

I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. After graduating high school, I joined the US Army and where I was a field medic for the 4 years I was enlisted. When my enlisted ended I pursued a degree in psychology at Sam Houston State University. I went to medical school at University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, I then went to psychiatry residency at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, but soon after residency, my grandfather was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. His dying wish was for me to become a “real doctor” which by his Texan definition meant to become a family doctor. My grandfather has since passed away, but I am fulfilling his wish and am the happier for it. I like Reading, PA because it’s close to all the places I grew up reading about or seeing in movies, but never got to see growing up. This includes, New York City, Washington DC, and, of course, Philadelphia.

Resdient GrewalTarandeep Grewal, MD, Family Medicine

I was born and grew up in India, but I consider Russia as my second and the United States as my permanent home. I see myself as culturally very diverse, and this is what makes me get along with everyone. I am married to Jasmine, "the love of my life," and blessed with 2 sons, Josh & Uday. Inquisitive and adventurous by nature, I always like to take challenges and work hard. I want to become an excellent Family Physician and provide the most compassionate care to my patients and their families and to the community. I like to improve my teaching skills and become a member of a strong residency program (like TRHMC FMRP) so that I can share what I have learned from everyone here. A sports enthusiast, I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, and tennis. My favorite leisure time activity is cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Resident HalkeDonnie Halke, DO, Family Medicine

I graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, completing my undergraduate studies at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA. I am originally from Newport, PA. I am happily married to my wife Betsy and we have a cute cat named Sophie whom we both love. I enjoy running, playing tennis, hunting, and rock collecting on my free time.

Kimberly Lamp, DO, Family Medicine

I was born and raised in Reading, PA. Following graduation from Elizabethtown College, I attended PCOM. I love being close to my family. And the program at Reading is an extended family. I did many rotations at Reading during medical school, and everyone was so nice and friendly. I knew it was the program for me. I enjoying spending time outside running and time inside reading. I recently starting playing tennis and rock climbing.

Resident LoeffertJayson Loeffert, DO, Family Medicine

I’m a graduate of Allegheny College and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I was born in Pittsburgh and I’m not just a Steeler’s fan, I bleed black and gold. I love sports, camping, and backpacking. On my free time I like to improve my photography and beer brewing skills. I have been an athlete my whole life and am very interested in sports medicine, which is what brought me to Reading. I’m look forward to working in this great environment with great people.

Resident LutzkaninAndy Lutzkanin, MD, Family Medicine

Originally from Middletown, PA, I attended medical school at Penn State Hershey. I chose Reading for its great faculty, fun and welcoming residents, strong hospital, and high patient volume, especially OB. I recently got married to Kristen, a fourth-year medical students at Penn State Hershey who is interested in pediatrics.

Resident MurphyCaroline Murphy, MD, Family Medicine

Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, I went to medical school at Ross University in the Carribean. I chose Reading for its great location as well as the fun-loving residents!


resident OrtizVeronica Ortiz, MD, Family Medicine

I chose to come to Reading Hospital since it is a great environment to learn the science and art of medicine. I am looking forward to a diverse patient population and continuing my passion for working with the underserved. During my undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania, I worked as a director of a non-profit organization focusing on the academic, social, and health of inner-city youth. Afterwards, I travelled to Costa Rica where I directed a pediatric clinic for refugee children. While attending medical school at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in research leading to publications and presentations at national conferences. I am eager to start seeing patients of all ages and hope to form compassionate bonds with them.

resident RazaZahra Raza, MD, Family Medicine

I’m from Lahore, Pakistan, and I received my M.D. from Fatima Jinnah Medical University for Women, Pakistan. In my spare time, I like to read and spend time with my family baking, doing crafts and playing outdoor sports with my 7-year-old daughter, Shiza. In addition to being geographically best for me, The Reading Hospital Family Medicine Residency is a great learning experience.

resident StokesCrystal Stokes, DO, Family Medicine

Being from the south, I decided I was ready for a change of pace. After visiting Reading as a med student I fell in love with the people here and decided this was a great place for residency...A decision I do not regret.


resident TerzaghiNadia Terzaghi, MD, Family Medicine

I was born in Utah and since then have lived in northern California and eastern Pennsylvania. I attended Jefferson Medical College and did several rotations at Reading. I liked it so much that I came back for residency.

resident TilichMarina Tilich, MD, Family Medicine

Born in central Russia, I graduated from Chuvash State University School of Medicine and cared for patients at Cardiology Dispensary for several years. In the middle of my medical career, I moved from Russia to the Midwest. While traveling in Pennsylvania, I fell in love with it and decided to relocate here to join the family at the Reading Hospital.

resident TrippleAlina Tripple, MD, Family Medicine

I grew up in a small town in Romania where family has always been the center of my existence. At Reading Hospital, I found not only a great program with excellent teachers always ready to share their knowledge, but I also found a family away from home.

resident ZimmermanLisa Zimmerman, DO, Family Medicine

I grew up in the literally small town of Littlestown, which is just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Biology at Elizabethtown College. I became a Hokie fan while attending Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg, Virginia, but knew I wanted to reside closer to family and friends for residency. I truly enjoyed every rotation in medical school which is why family medicine is such a great fit. I love that it encompasses all aspects of medicine and allows me to help all patients from every stage of life. I am so happy to be a part of the team at Reading Hospital. I appreciate the friendly and supportive work environment and know patients receive the best care here. I am excited about all of the learning opportunities available at Reading Hospital, especially international mission work which is a passion of mine. I enjoy music and great food and am pleased with what the surrounding area, including Philadelphia, has to offer. I enjoy travelling and spending time with my wonderful husband, Ryan, and extended family.