Tips for Success

“Go to class, read the textbooks, and use the additional resources provided. Stay positive. Remember that it is not going to be easy but others have gone through it and so will you!”
– Rose Brown

“Stay on top of the day’s lectures. Go over your notes as soon as you get home. Re-read information in your books that you ‘just don’t get.’ Look at the big picture … what will we do as nurses? Focus on interventions. Take online practice tests (ATI), the Point, and textbook tests.”
– Nora Johnson

“Stay on top of the workload by reading and reviewing every single day. It may seem like a lot, but it will help keep the material fresh in your mind view it often. Do not try to cram. I know it worked in high school. It will not work now. You will regret it. Join a study group. The more ways you approach the material the more it will sink in. Read it, discuss it with a group, rewrite notes in a more visual way, and find what works for you.”
– Gail Myers

“The best way to succeed is to utilize the resources that are out there. Other students and faculty can be very helpful. Nobody is ever alone if he/she takes the steps to ask for help!”
– Chris Pietruszynski

“Two very helpful habits I have found: make a lot of note cards to organize your thoughts, and DO NOT wait until the night before your tests to study.”
– Kyle Brandt

“Expect to be flexible, things change and it’s important to know this ahead of time and to accept this with a positive attitude. Also, just staying positive and remembering why you are here. Don’t let others bog you down with negative ideas and thoughts.”
– Stephanie Sheaffer

“Record lectures and listen to them again before the exams while having the notes out in front of you as well. Find a study partner. Encourage and motivate each other to study even when you might not feel like it. Don’t get behind! Try to stay on top of the material.”
– Amanda Hydutsky

“Always come to class, and stay for the entire class. Many instructors will verbally give information that may not be on the notes given out. After lecture, type and summarize the information. It is so much easier to learn and concentrate when the information is typed out neatly.

“Remember that everything at first will seem chaotic and overwhelming. But once you have a couple lectures, it will all settle down. The instructors will only give you as much information that you can handle, they understand that it’s overwhelming.

“Make sure you leave time in your schedule to study. If you can split everything up throughout the week, it is less to do at once. Limit going out with friends and going to parties during the week, use this time to keep up with classes. Learn to use time management wisely. If you have a large break in between classes, type notes, study, read your books. Help people who don’t quite understand something, because by teaching them, you are also helping yourself to remember and learn. Buy highlighters, and highlight important information your instructors point out. Spend extra time in the lab.”
– Andrea Reazer

“Read-read the textbooks, read the PowerPoints. Just keep reading.”
– Nicole Moore