Family Medicine

Family Medicine Clerkship - Preceptor: Jane Weida, MD

Family MedicineThe student will care for a full range of ambulatory patients who visit a family practice medicine office. Experiences here will help to develop history and physical examination skills, diagnostic expertise, and practice management skills. The student is exposed to a wide variety of common office-based medical conditions. Patient contacts are structured so that the student will have some autonomy in diagnosing and managing these conditions while working under direct attending supervision. Community medicine experience is obtained in dermatology, sports medicine, gastroenterology, occupational health, and university student health clinics. Students are exposed to common minor office procedures including colposcopy, IUD insertion, dermatologic procedures, and joint injection. Some exposure to inpatient medicine and obstetrics can be arranged. Students work one-on-one with the attendings during this rotation. They also attend daily morning report and frequent noon conferences, as well as grand rounds. There are a number of off-site experiences, but the majority of time is spent in the Family Health Care Center on the campus of The Reading Hospital and Medical Center. There is no night float or weekend call. There is one overnight call per rotation.

Family Medicine Electives:

Ambulatory Family Medicine/Community Health - Preceptor: Jane Weida, MD

Emphasis will be placed on a community health approach to patient care by participating in a wide variety of community experiences. These may include hospice, clinics for the underserved, domestic violence/child abuse services, occupational health, and university student health clinics. The rotation may be customized to fit the student’s specific interests and career goals. The student will also care for a full range of patients who visit the Family Health Care Center.

Inpatient Rotation - Preceptor: Jane Weida, MD

This rotation’s goal is to enhance the development of knowledge and skills necessary to practice inpatient medicine, with particular attention to the responsibilities of the family physician. The student will develop diagnostic and management skills with emphasis on the hospitalized adult and the pediatric patient. The student will also learn cost-effective use of laboratory, radiologic, pharmacologic, and consultative resources. Daily work and teaching rounds will be made with a team comprised of a family medicine faculty member, a third-year resident, a second-year resident, and a first-year resident. The student will be encouraged to develop increasing independence in clinical decision-making and patient care

Sports Medicine Rotation - Preceptor: Cory Keller, DO

The student will participate in a broad range of sports medicine outpatient care, including athletic training centers, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, and cardiac rehabilitation and exercise testing. The student will also learn sports medicine surgical procedures, sporting event coverage, and sports pre-participation physical exams. Students will be evaluated by close observation plus informal/formal verbal and written feedback.