Alumni Who Have Joined Our Staff

Many residents have had such a good experience at The Reading Hospital, they join our medical staff after their training is completed. Click on a specialty below to see a list of alumni who have returned to the Hospital:


Name Specialty
Michael G. Avedissian, MD Cardiology
John L. Serrian, Jr., MD Cardiology
Peter M. Will, MD Cardiology
Gregory T. Wilson, DO Cardiology
Diagnostic Radiology  
Joseph W. Burke, MD Diagnostic Radiology
John E. Carlson, MD Diagnostic Radiology
Edward C. Fallon, MD Diagnostic Radiology
Richard J. Gregor, MD Diagnostic Radiology
Elaine R. Lewis, MD Diagnostic Radiology
Gail A. Luecke, MD Diagnostic Radiology
Michele S. Oplinger, MD Diagnostic Radiology
Michael L. Sachenik, MD Diagnostic Radiology
Emergency Medicine  
Paul J. Chwiecko, MD Emergency Medicine
JoAnne G. Gordon, MD Emergency Medicine
Joseph L. Granito, MD Emergency Medicine
Robert E. Houle, MD Emergency Medicine
George H. Kershner, MD Emergency Medicine
Ronald W. Reed, MD Emergency Medicine
Eric C. Seidel, MD Emergency Medicine
David E. Texter, MD Emergency Medicine
Nancy C. Olinger, MD Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine  
Rezner H. Abubakar, MD Family Medicine
Erin L. Bastidas, DO Family Medicine
Ward G. Becker, MD Family Medicine
Edward T. Bigos, MD Family Medicine
Robert B. Blauser, MD Family Medicine
David C. Brock, MD Family Medicine
Ivan Bub, MD Family Medicine
Sana M. Chaudhry, MD Family Medicine
William T. Clements, MD Family Medicine
John T. Coates, DO Family Medicine
Scott A. Dietrich, MD Family Medicine
Gordon R. Donaldson, DO Family Medicine
Robert R. Eckert, DO Family Medicine
Timothy A. Ferenchick, MD Family Medicine
George R. Gerhart, MD Family Medicine
Jeffrey A. Gold, DO Family Medicine
Amy A. Guiles-Lachina, DO Family Medicine
Raymond J. Hauser, MD Family Medicine
Brian R. Kane, MD Family Medicine
Cory J. Keller, DO Family Medicine
Thomas D. Kohl, MD Family Medicine
Natalie Kunsman, MD Family Medicine
Timothy J. Kutz, MD Family Medicine
Erin E. Lavin, DO Family Medicine
William J. Lien, MD Family Medicine
Clifford H. Lyons, MD Family Medicine
Barbara Mann-Harbonic, MD Family Medicine
John C. Moser, MD Family Medicine
Phyllis A. Murr, MD Family Medicine
Grace Naing, MD Family Medicine
Rebecca J. Odorizzi, MD Family Medicine
David B. O'Rourke, MD Family Medicine
Ziad S. Osman, MD Family Medicine
Joselito A. Ouano, MD Family Medicine
Pamela C. Ravetz, MD Family Medicine
Brian M. Reimels, MD Family Medicine
David K. Robel, MD Family Medicine
Albert D. Roke, MD Family Medicine
William Santoro, MD Family Medicine, Psychiatry
Cynthia Smoker-Johnston, MD  Family Medicine
Thomas A. Stewart, MD Family Medicine
Joseph W. Strangarity, MD  Family Medicine
Anthony Tomassi, MD Family Medicine 
John J. Travers, Jr., MD Family Medicine
Sandi M. Uchida, MD Family Medicine
Son Vu, MD Family Medicine
Drue O. Wagner, MD Family Medicine
Jin Xu, MD Family Medicine
Ying Zhang, MD Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine
Internal Medicine  
Bikash Acharya, MD General Internal Medicine
Mary Jo Bonner, MD, PhD General Internal Medicine
Robert M. Brackbill, MD General Internal Medicine
Ashok Chaudhary, MD General Internal Medicine
Justin L. Eberly, DO General Internal Medicine
Jeffrey L. Hassel, MD General Internal Medicine
J. Michael Heffernan, MD General Internal Medicine
John C. Heisey, MD General Internal Medicine
Ronald K. Herb, DO General Internal Medicine
Bertrand J. High, MD General Internal Medicine
George A. Jenckes, III, MD General Internal Medicine
Michael Kastenbaum, MD General Internal Medicine
Elliott G. Leisawitz, MD General Internal Medicine
Alan P. Levine, MD General Internal Medicine
Melissa A. Lin, MD General Internal Medicine
Benjamin J. Lloyd, MD General Internal Medicine
Donald J. McBryan, Jr., MD General Internal Medicine
Lisa M. Motz, MD General Internal Medicine
Anne M. Rohrbach, MD General Internal Medicine
Edward J. Silverman, MD General Internal Medicine
Charles A. Wagner, DO General Internal Medicine
Lewis E. Winans, MD General Internal Medicine
Debra A. Zimmerman, DO General Internal Medicine
Bernice Robinson-Bennett, MD Gynecologic Oncology
Deborah P. Consoli, MD Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Christina DeAngelis, MD Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology 
J. Michael Eager, MD Gynecology
Gerald W. Ferry, III, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Andrew G. Fieo, MD Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Christie L. Ganas, MD Gynecology
Jaylaine Ghoubrial, MD Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Barry E. Graham, MD Gynecology
Fredericka S. Heller, MD Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Anton J. Kleiner, MD Gynecology
Kristine M. Leaman, MD Gynecology
Jaime B. Long, MD Urogynecology
Gerald P. Malick, MD Gynecology
Holly E. Metzgar, DO Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Nabil S. Muallem, MD Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology 
A. George Neubert, MD Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Tory R. Peterson, MD Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Susan J. Probst, MD Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Christopher J. Pugh, DO Urogynecology
George L. Sexton, MD Gynecology
Heidi D. Strieb, DO Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Jeffrey C. Zerby, MD Gynecology
Charles J. Lusch, MD Hematology/Oncology
Walter R. Bohnenblust, Jr., MD Hospitalist
Demetrius E. Bravidis, MD Hospitalist
Craig A. Derr, MD Hospitalist
Scott S. Duffy, MD Hospitalist
Russell E. Emrich, MD Hospitalist
Deepam Gokal, MD Hospitalist
I. Michael Goonewardene, MD Hospitalist
Patrick E. Hart, MD Hospitalist
Antony G. Kaliyadan, MD Hospitalist
Jerome M. Lazor, MD Hospitalist
Hai P. Nguyen, DO Hospitalist
Pavani D. Pagolu, MD Hospitalist
Mary Ann Porter, DO Hospitalist
Sagun Pradhan, MD Hospitalist
Other Specialties  
Debra L. Powell, MD Infectious Disease
Parvaneh Abtahi, MD Nephrology
Trudy M. Demko, MD Nephrology
Clifford A. Reed, MD Neurology
Margaret S. Atwell, MD Occupational Medicine
Job F. Menges, Jr., MD Orthopedic Surgery
Hector J. Seda, MD Otolaryngology
Teresa M. Mercurio, MD Palliative Care
Peter D. Nicholas, MD Rheumatology