For Incoming Students

We look forward to working with you during your rotation here at Reading Health System. If you have questions or any problems with your room, ID badges or parking permit, please email

ID Badges

  • Must wear Hospital-issued badge 
  • Badge must be worn at all times while on property 
  • Gives access to patient areas, library, dorm buildings 
  • Photo ID Center is located on G-2, ext. 4132


  • Medical students receive $20/day meal stipend
  • Stipend accessed via ID badge 
  • Stipend to be used at all food outlets, including RHRH. Excluded are the gift shops and the Subway franchise at SOHS.
  • Return dishes/trays to cafeteria


  • Student parking is in the Spruce Street garage only 
  • Your ID badge will be coded for access after submitting vehicle info
  • If a badge is not provided upon check-in, use the call button at the Spruce Street garage and inform the attendant that you are a new medical student needing access

Illness/Personal Emergencies

  • Non-emergency illness: Notify your department and report to Employee Health Services (DOB 2020) at ext. 8437 
  • Emergency illness: Notify your department and report to the Emergency Department 
  • The Hospital does not provide required immunizations 
  • Personal emergency requiring leave: Notify your Clerkship Director

Work-related Injuries

  • Notify your Clerkship Director or department staff immediately 
  • Report to Employee Health Services or the Emergency Department

Interpreting Services

Family members or friends may miscommunicate information creating a liability for the Hospital. If you need to communicate to someone who does not fluently speak English, contact the Interpreting Services ext. 8005.

Educational Resources

The Hospital's Medical Library is located on the ground floor of E-building, in the hallway toward the DOB. It offers a large number of medical texts, journals, and computer resources. Educational software is also available in the library, and a list of accessible on-line medical journals is available. Students have access to the library with their ID badge 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Additional resources may be found within your department. Please ask your Clerkship Director for more information. Please be sure to return all library materials promptly. Any failure to do so by the end of rotation could lead to withholding your grade until the materials are returned.

Dress Code

Out of respect for our patients, we ask that you dress in a professional manner when on rotation. All students should wear a white lab coat. Scrubs are available in the resident call areas.

Exercise Equipment

During your stay, you are welcome to use our exercise facilities. Treadmills, exercise bicycles and step machines may be found in an exercise pavilion located in the courtyard adjacent to Building A. The pavilion can be accessed via your ID badge and the entrance to the pavilion is on the ground floor of G building. An exercise room is also located in K building on the 2nd floor to the left as you exit the elevator.